Friday, September 7, 2012

Google Documents to Google Drive

If you have a regular Google account, you may have already noticed that your Google docs link now is labeled Google Drive. With the renaming, comes new features! Basically, you can store any file you want in your Google Drive now. Uploads sound recordings, video, pictures, and even Photoshop files.

For a quick overview, you can see the video at

However, that's just the tip of the iceberg. You can also set up a drive on your PC and it will automatically keep files in that drive synced online. Basically, that means you can work on your files in Word or whatever program at home and save them to your Google Drive. Then head to Cameron and in between your classes, you login to Google at and your files are already there. No more keeping up with a thumb drive.

Login to your Cameron gmail account, then follow the link at and click on the link to try it out. To begin with, your Google docs interface will be renamed to Google Drive. However, you'll also have a link to "Download Google Drive" on the bottom left of your menu.

On your home PC
Click on the link. You will be prompted to Accept and Install Google Drive. Google Drive Installer will run for about a minute before saying "Thanks for installing Google Drive" and you can click Close.

Once you have Google Drive installed on your computer, you will have a My Drive folder inside of your My Documents folder. Any files that you want to keep synced, just save them to this folder. When you first install Google Drive it will sync up any files you had in Google Docs. From this point on, files will exist both on your PC and in the cloud and Google will keep them synced.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Password Reset

Cameron has implemented a 120 day password expiration policy for students that will go into effect September 10, 2012. On this date, any student passwords that are 120 days or older will expire and students will be required to create a new password. That means the possibility of your forgetting your password just rose incrementally. But no fear, sign up for the password self-service and if (or when) it happens, you'll be able to go there and unlock your account. Even at 2:00 in the morning when you're trying to get to that email your instructor sent about the assignment due in a few hours! 

To enroll for password self-service, visit the following URL and login with your current credentials:

If you haven't visited before, you'll be prompted to start the enrollment process. Follow the "click here" link to get started.
Click on "Click Here" to begin the enrollment process.

You’ll then be prompted to create five security questions and answers. The first two will have pre-made questions to pick from. For the other three, you can type in questions like the examples or come up with your own. Here is a website that provides some more security question ideas.
dropdown of pre-made questions for the first two questions

Once you have answers you can remember for your questions, click on enroll to complete the enrollment process. That's it. Now that you're enrolled, if you find you've forgotten your password, you can visit this site and reset it yourself.

Go ahead and click change password now so that it doesn't expire on the September 10 date.

Remember to always login to AggieAccess with your current password. NOTE that changing your password in aggiepass does NOT change your Blackboard password!!! It is a good idea to login to Blackboard and change your password there immediately after changing your other password so that the two will be in sync. After logging into Blackboard, click on Personal Information in the Tools box.

Note regarding AggieAccess: If you received Account Disabled error in AggieAccess, your account has been temporarily disabled in AggieAccess. Each time you try to login with the wrong password, the amount of time the account is disabled is longer. If you don't get it by the second or third try, you will need to reset your password at Wait a few minutes before trying to login to AggieAccess with the new password to make sure your account has been reset. If after a period of time your account is still suspended, you will want to call the helpdesk. 

Student Helpdesk:|, Academic Commons Rooms 135 or 136, 580-581-2829

Friday, August 24, 2012

New to CU?

Are you new to Cameron and still trying to keep your head above water right now? These are the top technical things I think you should know about. (Veteran CU students, please chime in with a comment about whatever I leave out.)

How to get your schedule and all the great things you can access there - books, faculty info, notes
My assumption is that you've already found this, but just in case you're getting to your classes off a schedule someone printed for you, then you need to login to AggieAccess. Under the My Info tab, there is a link for "View My Schedule." There you will find not only your schedule and any additional notes about your classes, but also other links. If you click on the faculty member's name, you will get his or her full name, email, office location, phone number, and the times for the classes he or she teaches this semester. That should give you an idea of office hours if they have not provided those for you. In addition the schedule gives you a link to the bookstore. Clicking on the book icon will let you know what books you need for that class.

How to get to your email.
Cameron University's policy is to communicate with you using your Cameron provided email. In other words, make sure you're checking this email frequently. To do that, you can go to Cameron's main webpage at and click on the email link. You can also go there directly at Use the same login and password that you use for everything else (e.g. AggieAccess and lab computers). Here are some other links you may want to read about your Cameron email:

How to change/reset your password
Starting in September, Cameron is implementing a 120 day password reset policy with students. I'll have more on that next week and you should have already received an email about it. If you want to go ahead and reset your password, you can do so at

You have your syllabus for each class and along with it should be due dates for most or all of your assignments. Put those into your Google calendar and set up a reminder so you won't forget about them. If you want directions on how to do that, see my previous post on the Google calendar.

Friday, April 20, 2012

End of Semester Checklist

The end of spring starts next week!! Here's a checklist to get you through it.

Finals Week - April 27 & 28, May 1-4
Make sure you know when all of your finals are. Finals start Friday, April 27. HOWEVER, Monday classes on April 30 will meet as normal! The rest of finals week starts Tuesday, May 1. Get the full schedule to find out times for each class by heading to the webpages or AggieAccess.

Webpages: click on the Academic Calendar link from any webpage.

AggieAccess: click on the Finals Schedule link on the Student Tab Quick Links.

Or....just click here for the finals schedule.

Master's Degree Hooding - April 29
Be sure to attend the Hooding Ceremony, which honors our master's degree recipients. Find out all the details on the hooding website.

Commencement - May 4
Either you're walking or sitting and watching. Either way, get all of the details on the Commencement website. Be sure to not leave before it's over or you'll miss the fireworks!

Check Grades - May 9
Grades will be posted by instructors and the grade processor run the evening of May 8. The next morning, you'll be able to see your grades in AggieAccess on the "My Info" tab.
Grades for one semester at a time are posted in the Student Grades channel.

Transcript Request
Once your grades are posted, you may want to request an official transcript. You can request it in person at the Registrar's Office on the second floor of North Shepler, or you can also access the transcript request form from the website and mail or fax in your request. If you just need an unofficial transcript or only want to see your gpa, you can follow the transcript link in AggieAccess on the "My Info" tab.

If you are worried that your grades may have put you on a hold or expect that your grades took you off a hold, you can check holds on AggieAccess as well. Holds should be updated within five days after grades are posted. Just go to the "My Info" tab and click at the link on the bottom of the Academic Profile channel seen in the figure above.

The end is just the beginning
If this isn't your last semester, then it's never too early to start getting ready for the next semester. If you haven't enrolled already, set up an appointment to meet with your advisor. If you have enrolled, check your schedule and start getting your books now. Summer classes start May 31 and Fall is just a few months later on August 15.