Friday, September 16, 2011

Contact your Instructor

Do you know there are now multiple places you can find information about how to contact your instructor? During the web survey, many of you said you couldn't find a place to get your instructor's email address or phone number. We're listening! That will definitely be something placed more prominently in the redesign and we're trying to find a way to populate Google contacts with this information. In the meantime, we added an additional link in AggieAccess and several additional links on the webpages to help you find it easier.

The first method in AggieAccess was added a few months ago and is my favorite way to locate information on my instructors.


Method 1:

  • From the My Info tab, click on "View My Schedule."
  • (Note: If you get a permission denied error at this point, you're logging into AggieAccess with a different password than you use to login to your google account or computers on campus. Use the same password for everything.)
  • Click on your instructor's name. A popup window will give you your instructor's name, title, office location, phone number, email, and also the courses and times he or she is teaching which will give you an idea of office hours.
Pull up your instructor's information by clicking on his or her name in your class schedule.

Method 2 (NEW!!):

From the Home tab, click on Faculty/Staff Directory from the Quick Links channel. Here you can search by name or department.
search on name or department from the Home Tab Quick Links

Cameron Webpages

From the main website:, you can pull up the faculty/staff directory in four places now.
Flyout Menus: Clicking on Faculty & Staff, choose Directory
Website Flyout Menus

NEW!! Brown Navigation Menu: Click on About Cameron University and choose Campus Directory
Website Navigation Bar

NEW!! Quick Links: Choose Directory.
Website Quick Links

Bottom of Any Page: Click on Contact Us to bring up main department emails and phone numbers in addition to a new link to the full campus directory.

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