Friday, October 28, 2011

Schedule Info All Together

Hopefully you have already enrolled or at least made an appointment with your advisor. Next on the to-do list is to check your schedule on AggieAccess where you can find information about what books are needed for your class as well as instructor contact information.

Login to AggieAccess:
Click on the My Info tab.
Click on View My Schedule in the Class Information channel.
Class Information Channel in AggieAccess

If you're looking for spring information, you may need to change the term and click Go.
Select the term and click Go

Take just a minute and verify that your address, phone, and major information displayed is correct. If it's not, you'll want to drop by the Registrar's Office in North Shepler room 205 and get that information updated or go back to the My Info tab and change your address and phone in the My Personal Info channel.

Besides the regular schedule information such as time, dates, and location, you can also find out information about your instructor and books from this one screen. Clicking on your instructor's name will bring up his or her contact information and current semester's courses to give you an idea of what his or her office hours might be.
Popup information for Instructor found in Student Schedule on AggieAccess

There is also a little book icon at the end of each line on your schedule. Clicking on that icon brings up the information the Bookstore has for this class regarding what books are required as well as the price they charge. If you want to order the book from Fowlett, you can click on Check Availability and order it from their web pages. The ISBN for the book is also displayed giving you the option to shop around at other sites as well.
Resulting Popup after clicking on the Books Icon 

If you haven't enrolled in classes yet but are wondering about what books might be required for the classes you may enroll in, the books icon is also located on the university course schedule listing.

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