Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spring 2012 Enrollment Information

As you get ready to head out the door for an enjoyable Fall Break, take a few minutes to prepare for next week. Spring 2012 enrollment starts October 25. Contact your advisor and make an appointment to get enrolled next week. Here's the schedule:

Graduate Students and Seniors: October 25
Juniors: October 26
Sophomores: October 27
Freshmen: October 28
Open Enrollment continues through the beginning of classes which start January 6, 2012.

Full Academic Calendar
Enrollment Schedule Information

In our web survey, many of you expressed frustration over finding information about the enrollment schedules. You can find the list of classes with a link from any of our web pages under the Academic drop down or the Quick Links.
Link from Academic dropdown

Link from Quick Links

Apparently these links are not where or what you are looking for. Would you take a minute to help us out and let us know where you would expect to find these links from the homepage and also how it should be labeled? You'll notice we have one as Enrollment Schedule and the other as Courses Offered, but I noticed some people said they were looking for class schedule or various other terms. Let us know what you call it. Post a comment below to leave your answers by clicking on the comments link or email me at We would really appreciate your feedback.

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