Friday, November 4, 2011

CU Calendars

Adding Cameron's Event Calendars and Academic Calendar to your own calendar just became easier. Our university web calendar has been changed to use a Google calendar. For you as students, this means that you can add a Cameron event - or the entire calendar - to your own Google calendar with a few quick clicks. Here's how:

Login to Google
Login to your personal calendar by either starting at or clicking on "Calendar" at the top left of any of the Google apps such as gmail or docs that you're already logged into. You can also skip this step and wait to be prompted to login to your calendar when you try to add the events.

Add a single Event

  • Go to CU's event calendar at or scroll through the events in AggieAccess on the Home tab. 
  • Click on event titles to bring up more information on it. 
  • When you see one that you're interested in attending, click on "copy to my calendar." 
  • (Login to Google if you're prompted at this point.)
  • You'll be presented a screen with all of the information from the original. Since you're copying this event to your calendar you have the option to modify the title, choose which calendar you want to add the event to, and set up notification reminders. Make any changes and then click on Save.

Selecting "copy to my calendar" from AggieAccess
Selecting "copy to my calendar" from the CU Web

Add the Entire Calendar
The event calendar includes information from the main campus calendar as well as the academic calendar and specific liberal arts events. With copy event, you're only getting a copy of the event that is no longer tied to the original. If the original event is updated, you will not see the updates. However, you can add the entire CU event calendar alongside your calendar and you will see all updates. Unfortunately, you won't be able to modify events or set up reminders as you can when you copy a single event. To add the entire calendar, click on the Google Calendar icon at the bottom of the calendar on the webpage or in AggieAccess.
Click Google Calendar to add the entire calendar

(If you haven't already logged into Google, you will be prompted to do so at this point.)
Depending on your browser, you may be prompted to choose which of the calendars you want to add or it may automatically add all of them.

Once added, the calendars appear under "Other calendars." You may need to click on the arrow next to "Other Calendars" so that it is pointing down and shows all of the calendars. Turn the calendars on and off by clicking on their names. You can even change the color by hovering over the calendar name and clicking on the down arrow that appears to the right of the calendar.
CU's calendars now show up on your personal Google calendar

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