Friday, November 18, 2011

What is Blackboard IM and why should I use it?

Blackboard IM is an instant messaging tool specifically designed to advance and promote learning. It enables you to instantly connect with classmates and instructors in all your Online, ITV, and any Face to Face courses that are enhance through Blackboard.
What are the benefits of using it?

  • Quickly connect with classmates and instructors.
  • Desktop video conferencing and audio. (Participate in a study group from the comfort of your room.)
  • An integrated whiteboard can be used for real-time collaboration.
  • Application sharing provides unique abilities to work with peers. (Great tool for group projects.)
Getting Started

Blackboard IM is software that must be downloaded before it can be used.

  • Go to Blackboard

  • Enter your login information. Click here for Username Construction.
  • Select your course. Your course will most likely open to the Course Announcement page or Home Page.
  • Click on Tools, found on your left hand side in the menu.
  • Click on Blackboard IM.
  • Click Blackboard IM (Create your account and download Blackboard IM)
  • Create your Blackboard IM account. (Please remember to be professional inappropriate account names will be removed.)

  • After you create your Blackboard IM ID, you can download and install the Blackboard IM client. You may perform this step either immediately after creating your account, or at a later time.
  • Once you have downloaded and installed Backboard IM use the Blackboard IM ID and password that you chose when you created your account.

  • Whenever you launch Blackboard IM, the login window appears.
  • You can set Blackboard IM to remember your Blackboard IM ID and password by checking the remember me box. If you do this, anyone with access to your computer can access your Blackboard IM account.
  • You can also set Blackboard IM to automatically sign you in when you launch the program by checking the sign in automatically box. This setting can be changed in the Preferences window.
For more information see BbIM_GettingStarted

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