Friday, December 9, 2011

Finals and Grades

Can you believe the end of Fall 2011 is already here? It's time for finals and checking grades. (It's also time for the Finals Breakfast when you can take a time out from studying and head over to the Shepler Cafeteria from 10-11pm on Tuesday, December 13, for some tasty treats!)

Where can I find the Finals Schedule?

On your Google Calendar if you've added the CU Academic Calendar

  • AggieAccess: Links to both the Academic Calendar and the Finals Schedule are in the My Info Quick Links on AggieAccess.
AggieAccess My Info Quick Links

  • Cameron Webpages: Click on Academics on the brown dropdown menu from any of the CU webpages and select the Academic Calendar to get to the finals schedule.

The Finals Schedule is part of the Academic Calendar linked from any CU webpage.

Where do I see my grades?
When finals are finally over, you can go back to the Academic Calendar (either from your own calendar, AggieAccess, or the webpages -  your choice) to see when the faculty have to have grades in. For example, this semester's grades are due by 4:00 pm on December 20. All of the grade processes are run that evening and your grades will be available for you to see the next morning.

To see your grades online, login to AggieAccess after December 20, click on the My Info tab and your grades will appear under the Student Grades channel. Please note that even if your instructor has turned in the grades several days ago, you will not be able to see them until the grade processor has been run. You can also see semesters since Fall 2010 in this channel. To see your grades from earlier semesters, click on the transcript link in the Academic Profile channel.

Grades will show in the Student Grades channel after the grade processor is run the evening of December 20.

Spring classes start back up January 6. See the full academic calendar. Be sure to print out your schedule and get your books soon. Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the break!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Contacts in Google

Google has updated their Contacts API library to allow us to show contact information for Cameron employees now. Anywhere that you are filling out a "To" field, you will see employee emails popup as options now. This should make it easier for those of you who need to email your professor. Just start typing the first or last name of your professor and names will appear from which to choose.

Typing a name in the gmail composer brings up a list of Cameron employee emails.

This also works in other Google apps such as when adding guests to an event on the calendar, sharing documents, or giving permissions to other people to edit pages in Google sites.

When you send email to other people in a Google app, they are automatically added to your contacts and appear on this list too.