Friday, January 13, 2012

Blackboard Notifications

If you've been in a course that uses Blackboard, you are used to receiving announcements in your email from the courses. However, if you're like me, I was constantly logging in just to see if an assignment had been graded or if the instructor had added the new content he or she talked about in class. Emails of the announcements for the class are automatically turned on, but you can also have Blackboard send you email about so many more things. It takes less than two minutes and will save yourself lots of time in the future!

1. From within Blackboard, click on "My Places" at the very top of the web page:

2. Select Edit Notification Settings from the My Places menu:

3. Click on Courses I am taking from the Bulk Edit Notification Settings on the right.

4. In the email column (ignore the mobile column as that is not enabled), check the boxes for things you want to receive notifications about. You can choose everything but be realistic about your choices. Do you really want to get an email every time someone posts to the message board? I personally choose to get notifications for Assignment Available, Content Item Available, Test Available, and Item Graded. Then when my instructor grades my assignment, I get an email and can immediately login to Blackboard to see how well I did.

Be sure to take a look at the email address that notifications are being sent to. It should be going to your Cameron University email. If you're not reading that email, you might want to look into setting up your Cameron University email to forward to an email account that you are reading.

5. Click on the submit button at the top or bottom right of the page and click OK if it tells you you're overwriting all of your course notification settings.

6. You can edit individual course settings by selecting the course on the next screen if, for example, you did want to know that new message board entries had been made in one class but not the rest of your classes.

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