Friday, January 20, 2012

Customizing AggieAccess

AggieAccess is Cameron University's portal. In other words, it should be the door that you go through to get most or all of your Cameron related material done. You can go there for links to blackboard or email, see what events are going on, check your grades, print out your schedule, or see what money you owe or will be receiving. Having said that, AggieAccess is meant to be for you. There are many things you can do with AggieAccess to make it your own.

Delete Announcements
The announcements can become overwhelming. AggieAccess displays seven at a time, but often there are more that sometimes get buried. Did you know you can delete the announcements that don't interest you or you've already read? From the Campus Announcements channel on the Home tab, click on an announcement title to read the information about it. You can click on the other titles and read the rest of the announcements here as well. When you're finished reading, if you want to delete one or more, click in the box next to the announcement title to add a check and click delete. Click OK on the popup confirmation and you won't have to read or sort through those announcements again. Delete the ones you've read and keep the ones that have details you want to remember closer to the event.

Check the announcement, then click Delete.

Move Channels around
Click on Content Layout to get started.
While a committee decided a default layout of where everything should be in AggieAccess, that doesn't mean that it's the way you necessarily want it. You can move a lot of things around so that it fits your needs. In the upper left hand, click on Content Layout.

Things you can do:

  • Move the tabs around by clicking on the left/right arrows on the tabs. 
  • Move channels to different columns or up and down. You can also delete some channels. Note that if a channel does not have the arrows or delete button activated then that channel is set in a permanent spot on the tab or you can't delete it because it's considered information you need to know.
  • Add new channels by clicking on the New Channel button. Perhaps you want a bookmarks channel on the My Info tab, or the AggieCentral feed on your Home Tab, or you want to add the Ole Kim Tweets channel.  
Start Clicking and Get Creative
What happens if I change my mind????
Delete something you wish you had back? Don't like your configuration and just want to start over? Click on  Revert to default layout and you'll be back to the delivered design.

Change the Pandora Tab
Pandora is really just a place holder to give you an idea of what you can do. You can change it to any site you wish. Click on the Content Layout link at the top left. Then click on the Pandora Tab. You can change it by giving it a different name and clicking rename or by putting in a different URL and clicking change. Note that Pandora is just a web link. You can access it outside of AggieAccess too.

Change the Pandora Tab by giving it a new name and URL.

Try These

  • Add a new channel, select News as the category and choose My Headlines to create a channel with your own RSS feed.
  • Modify the bookmark channel by clicking on the plus and minus icons at the bottom of that channel. For more information, click on "Managing My Bookmarks" in the channel.
  • Click on "Add Tab," choose traditional as the type, give it a name and click submit. Click on your new tab and add a few columns. Click on "New Channel" links to add various channels that you look at most in AggieAccess for an even more One Stop experience.
  • Click on "Add Tab," choose Framed as the type and make a tab for Cameron University's website: 

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