Friday, February 10, 2012

Calendar Notifications

Okay, so classes are going pretty strong now. You probably have a few assignments and tests coming up. You could continuously check your paper syllabus, could set up a Google calendar and send yourself notifications for all of your dates. Notifications work for both personal calendars or other calendars you have added (like the Cameron University event calendars.)

Setting up notifications is quick and simple. You can choose to receive a daily agenda, set reminders for specified time intervals, or both.

Hover over the calendar name to make the drop down arrow appear to the right of it. Click on the arrow and select Notifications.
Select notifications from the calendar drop down.
SMS Notifications
If you want to receive a text message instead of email, you'll need to click on "Set up your mobile phone to receive notifications first. Put in your phone number and click on send verification code. When you receive the verification code on your phone, enter that in and click finish setup. This will add SMS to the drop down for reminders and allow you to check SMS for other notifications.

Daily Agendas
Google can send you an email message with a compiled listing of all your events for the day. Just check the box for Daily Agenda and click "Save."
Check the box for Daily Agenda in the calendar notifications screen.

You'll need to do this for each calendar that you want included. Then each day you will have an email listing the events for the day or an email saying you have no events for the day.
Example daily agenda email

While daily agendas are good, sometimes you may need more advance notice. For example, if you have a test or assignment due, it would be more helpful to get a reminder a few days earlier rather than the day of the event! On the same notification screen for a calendar, you can click on "Add a reminder" near the top of the page. Then you can add as many reminders as you want. You might add an email reminder for a week out, then a few days later have a text message sent to you. Then add a popup for the day of the event as a final reminder. (Note, popups only work if you are logged into Google calendar.) Just keep clicking on "Add a reminder" to add another one. Click "Save" and your done.
Click Add a reminder to add additional reminders.

If you chose by email, then at the appropriate time before the event, you'll get an email that includes all of the information about the event:

That's it. No more excuses for saying you forgot about an event or an assignment!

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