Friday, February 3, 2012

New Calendars

Cameron has added additional calendars since my post about how to add CU calendars to your personal Google calendar. Go through the process again to select and add the new calendars to your own Google calendar. Here are all the calendar categories we have right now:

  • CU Events Calendar - Organizational meetings, bake sales, and activities. 
  • CU Special Events Calendar - Overall university sponsored events that often also involve the public such as the Afghanistan Festival events, commencement, and convocation.
  • CU Academic Calendar - Class related dates such as enrollment opening, last day to withdraw, and finals.
  • CU Liberal Arts Calendar - Music, theatre, and art performances and seminars
  • Student Activities - Student wide events sponsored by PAC or Student Activities such as movie nights, entertainment, dances, homecoming, welcome week, and Rolling with the Aggies to away games.
  • CU Athletics Home Games - All of the home games for CU Athletics.
  • Student Wellness Center - Workshops and classes offered by the Wellness Center such as dealing with depression, post-traumatic stress, ADHD, or even when the massage therapist will be available.
  • Wellness and Fitness Calendar - Times that special fitness classes are offered such as aerobics or weight lifting as well as special activities such as the Healthy Life Style Group meetings that are sponsored jointly by the Wellness Center and Fitness Center to help you get in shape.
  • Student Development - Workshops to help you find a job, explore majors, or become a better student.

By separating them into different calendars, you now have the ability to turn on and off the ones that interest you the most. You can do this both on your Google calendar and also on the webpages and AggieAccess to help you zero in on your interests.

Google Calendar
If a calendar has a colored box to the left of it, then its events are currently being displayed. Clicking once on the calendar will hide it (the colored box will go white). If you hover over a calendar name with your mouse, then an arrow will appear to the right of the calendar name. Click on the arrow and you can choose to display only that calendar. This is especially helpful to quickly turn on just your personal calendar or when you're looking for a particular type of event. You can also change the color for that calendar.

Google calendar screenshot

Webpages and AggieAccess
If you're looking at the calendar on AggieAccess or on the Cameron Events webpage, there is a down arrow at the top right of both calendars that activates a dropdown for narrowing the events. Click on the arrow and then check and uncheck the boxes to see the calendars for which you are interested.

AggieAccess Channel showing Calendar select dropdown

University webpage showing Calendar select dropdown

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