Friday, March 30, 2012

Text a CU Librarian

Need information on the go? You can use your mobile phone to text your question directly to a CU Librarian.

Send your question to the mobile short code 66746. The body of your first text should consist of the keyword CameronLIB, followed by your question. For example, if you want to ask about a book you can send to 66746, "CameronLIB Is the College Algebra textbook available?" Or to ask about hours, you can send to 66746, "CameronLIB How late are you open today?"

Texting a librarian
By including the keyword CameronLIB in your first text to 66746, all of your future texts will be automatically directed to a CU librarian and the keyword will no longer be required for future texts. To save time when texting in the future, you can save the mobile short code 66746 as CameronLIB in your phone's contacts. All texts are anonymous and standard messaging/data rates may apply.

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