Friday, April 20, 2012

End of Semester Checklist

The end of spring starts next week!! Here's a checklist to get you through it.

Finals Week - April 27 & 28, May 1-4
Make sure you know when all of your finals are. Finals start Friday, April 27. HOWEVER, Monday classes on April 30 will meet as normal! The rest of finals week starts Tuesday, May 1. Get the full schedule to find out times for each class by heading to the webpages or AggieAccess.

Webpages: click on the Academic Calendar link from any webpage.

AggieAccess: click on the Finals Schedule link on the Student Tab Quick Links.

Or....just click here for the finals schedule.

Master's Degree Hooding - April 29
Be sure to attend the Hooding Ceremony, which honors our master's degree recipients. Find out all the details on the hooding website.

Commencement - May 4
Either you're walking or sitting and watching. Either way, get all of the details on the Commencement website. Be sure to not leave before it's over or you'll miss the fireworks!

Check Grades - May 9
Grades will be posted by instructors and the grade processor run the evening of May 8. The next morning, you'll be able to see your grades in AggieAccess on the "My Info" tab.
Grades for one semester at a time are posted in the Student Grades channel.

Transcript Request
Once your grades are posted, you may want to request an official transcript. You can request it in person at the Registrar's Office on the second floor of North Shepler, or you can also access the transcript request form from the website and mail or fax in your request. If you just need an unofficial transcript or only want to see your gpa, you can follow the transcript link in AggieAccess on the "My Info" tab.

If you are worried that your grades may have put you on a hold or expect that your grades took you off a hold, you can check holds on AggieAccess as well. Holds should be updated within five days after grades are posted. Just go to the "My Info" tab and click at the link on the bottom of the Academic Profile channel seen in the figure above.

The end is just the beginning
If this isn't your last semester, then it's never too early to start getting ready for the next semester. If you haven't enrolled already, set up an appointment to meet with your advisor. If you have enrolled, check your schedule and start getting your books now. Summer classes start May 31 and Fall is just a few months later on August 15.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Website Highlights

Here are some highlights on webpage resources you may not know about!

Paint the Town Black and Gold - Community Discounts
Did you know there are several restaurants and other businesses around town that will offer you a discount when you show your Cameron ID card? We're talking about 3% off on monthly rentals at an apartment, 10-15% off at multiple restaurants, and even discounts on shopping. Check back often as new discounts are added frequently. There have even been special event discounts like when the Harlem Globetrotters were in town.

Health and Wellness for Students
Did you know you can get low-cost health insurance as a Cameron student? You can also get acute medical health care and counseling on campus.

Open Work Study Positions
Even though the semester is drawing to a close, offices still need help and many of them need workers during intersession and especially during the summer. Cameron pays its student workers a quarter more an hour than minimum wage jobs. Plus they work around your class schedule. Apply today!

Commencement - May 4, 2012
For you lucky students who are at the end of your student career, you can find all of the information about the upcoming Commencement Ceremonies online. Oklahoma State Regent for Higher Education Toney Stricklin will be the speaker this year.

Career Services
Also for those students who are graduating, you will want to take advantage of the career services opportunities that Cameron offers. They can help you build your resume and there is an online posting of job opportunities that Cameron has received.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Google Apps

It occurs to me that I have never done a post about all the things students and Cameron employees have access to now that we're on Google Apps. While more email storage, mobile access, cheaper, and no servers to maintain on campus certainly played a part in the discussion to move to Gmail, we also were excited with the possibilities that the suite of applications provided our students. One blog post wouldn't be enough room to talk about all of the various apps you can use with your Cameron account!

Even if you're just forwarding your gmail account to another account, you need to look into some of the other applications to which you now have access. Here's a highlight of some of the more important ones.

Google Docs
For me, this is one of the most important ones. Google Docs is web-based word processing. You can edit your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other files from anywhere using a browser. With a little setup, you can even work on your files offline and then they are synced the next time you connect to the internet. If you need to print the files, just login to a computer with a printer. If you're using other types of files, you can also upload them to your Google docs and use the area to store them instead of carrying around a flash drive. Google Docs will even convert pdf's to text for you to edit them.

However, one of the greatest features of Google Docs is the ability to share them with anyone else that has a Google account, including your instructor, classmates, and friends. When doing group work, your entire group can access the same document instead of emailing one back and forth or trying to merge several copies into one. You can even be on the same document at the same time with a chat window open as you discuss changes. Merge that with Google+ hangouts  and you can video chat, share screens, and draw on a sketchpad all while you also type into the document. How's that for a virtual meeting?

Google Calendar
Each person with a Google account has access to a personal calendar. You can also set up additional calendars and share them with other people so that multiple people can maintain a calendar and even embed it into a website. After we moved to gmail for students, we converted our webpage calendars to gcals to make it easy for you to click and add events and even entire calendars to your own calendar. The calendars can be set up to send you reminders as well so you won't miss an event. This is a great opportunity for campus organizations to get event information out to their members.

Google Sites
Speaking of organizations and group work, Google Apps for Education also includes Google Sites. These are websites that are created using a simple gui interface. They can include a wiki and can even be set up so that only certain people have access to certain parts of the webpage. Perhaps the organization's advisor has administrative control but then one member maintains a blog while another member keeps the calendar updated and yet another member posts pictures from past events. Google sites makes it easy for multiple people in a class group or organization to work on a joint website.

Google Groups
Think of Google Groups as a group email. You can post messages to it and everyone receives the email. It also archives messages so the group can view them at any time. You can set up your own personal groups based on class groups or friends, or an organization can set one up and add all of their members. Once a group is set up, you can also share your calendar, site, or even documents to the entire group rather than typing individual emails into the share.

Here are just a few others with links to more information:
Google Reader
Picasa Web Albums