Friday, August 24, 2012

New to CU?

Are you new to Cameron and still trying to keep your head above water right now? These are the top technical things I think you should know about. (Veteran CU students, please chime in with a comment about whatever I leave out.)

How to get your schedule and all the great things you can access there - books, faculty info, notes
My assumption is that you've already found this, but just in case you're getting to your classes off a schedule someone printed for you, then you need to login to AggieAccess. Under the My Info tab, there is a link for "View My Schedule." There you will find not only your schedule and any additional notes about your classes, but also other links. If you click on the faculty member's name, you will get his or her full name, email, office location, phone number, and the times for the classes he or she teaches this semester. That should give you an idea of office hours if they have not provided those for you. In addition the schedule gives you a link to the bookstore. Clicking on the book icon will let you know what books you need for that class.

How to get to your email.
Cameron University's policy is to communicate with you using your Cameron provided email. In other words, make sure you're checking this email frequently. To do that, you can go to Cameron's main webpage at and click on the email link. You can also go there directly at Use the same login and password that you use for everything else (e.g. AggieAccess and lab computers). Here are some other links you may want to read about your Cameron email:

How to change/reset your password
Starting in September, Cameron is implementing a 120 day password reset policy with students. I'll have more on that next week and you should have already received an email about it. If you want to go ahead and reset your password, you can do so at

You have your syllabus for each class and along with it should be due dates for most or all of your assignments. Put those into your Google calendar and set up a reminder so you won't forget about them. If you want directions on how to do that, see my previous post on the Google calendar.

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