Friday, August 31, 2012

Password Reset

Cameron has implemented a 120 day password expiration policy for students that will go into effect September 10, 2012. On this date, any student passwords that are 120 days or older will expire and students will be required to create a new password. That means the possibility of your forgetting your password just rose incrementally. But no fear, sign up for the password self-service and if (or when) it happens, you'll be able to go there and unlock your account. Even at 2:00 in the morning when you're trying to get to that email your instructor sent about the assignment due in a few hours! 

To enroll for password self-service, visit the following URL and login with your current credentials:

If you haven't visited before, you'll be prompted to start the enrollment process. Follow the "click here" link to get started.
Click on "Click Here" to begin the enrollment process.

You’ll then be prompted to create five security questions and answers. The first two will have pre-made questions to pick from. For the other three, you can type in questions like the examples or come up with your own. Here is a website that provides some more security question ideas.
dropdown of pre-made questions for the first two questions

Once you have answers you can remember for your questions, click on enroll to complete the enrollment process. That's it. Now that you're enrolled, if you find you've forgotten your password, you can visit this site and reset it yourself.

Go ahead and click change password now so that it doesn't expire on the September 10 date.

Remember to always login to AggieAccess with your current password. NOTE that changing your password in aggiepass does NOT change your Blackboard password!!! It is a good idea to login to Blackboard and change your password there immediately after changing your other password so that the two will be in sync. After logging into Blackboard, click on Personal Information in the Tools box.

Note regarding AggieAccess: If you received Account Disabled error in AggieAccess, your account has been temporarily disabled in AggieAccess. Each time you try to login with the wrong password, the amount of time the account is disabled is longer. If you don't get it by the second or third try, you will need to reset your password at Wait a few minutes before trying to login to AggieAccess with the new password to make sure your account has been reset. If after a period of time your account is still suspended, you will want to call the helpdesk. 

Student Helpdesk:|, Academic Commons Rooms 135 or 136, 580-581-2829

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